Meeting the Quiet.

What if we made time for the snowfall? And the games? And the eye contact? And the quiet?

The quiet.

What does it feel like to experience it? Because while my mind and my comfort of noise are roaring with fear, my soul finds home, it feels a sense of being seen that you can't find any other way. How do we live differently in this world of noise and going and talking and social media-ing? We crave both in some strange way. We don't want to seem too sheltered by slowing way down, we don't want to seem too busy for the important... but are we? 

What if we had time to come face to face with the reality of what we were really choosing? I think we deny the quiet on purpose. Because, well, then we realize how seen we are, how busy we actually have become, how ungrateful we actually are and then we don't want to sit with it because it's hard and uncomfortable. Because then, we'll realize we're not the great outer layer person we walk around pretending to be. 

It's a paralyzing reminder of how much we're in need of something greater and deeper than what we can offer ourselves with our own strength. Sobering in the fact that we run right passed our Savior in the midst of the noise. We miss Him..He's right there. But we miss Him. And then we cry out and wonder where He is. When we really need to be asking ourselves where WE have been? Where our mind has been? Our attention has been? Our time has been? 

"So, if you have been raised with the Messiah, seek what is above, where the Messiah is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth."  Romans 3:2

Lord, when the noise is too loud CUT THROUGH and let Your voice be known. Help me in my moments of overwhelm and overstimulation. Steady my heart when it feels no stable ground. Reign in my life, Lord. Teach me Your ways, teach me Your Fatherhood. Teach me how to love my family well in Your sight. I know Your ways are better. Give me the conviction, the desire, and the self-control to life that out fully and joyfully. Purify me, Lord. May I have the strength- the strength to pursue and fully live out what You have called me to do in this season.

"Be gracious to me, God, according to Your faithful love; according to Your abundant compassion, blot out my rebellion." Psalm 51:1

"Surely You desire integrity in the inner self and You teach me wisdom deep within." Psalm 51:6

To remain in Jesus doesn't mean just memorizing Scripture and white knuckling the rest or just "learning enough" to go out and look like a Christian- it's a constant listening of the Holy Spirit, living in His presence, and walking in His lead. With Jesus we have every Word of God- the most direct, personal, meaningful communication God could give us-available to everyone who seeks Him.


Forgive us Lord for neglecting You as if You are hidden in the pages of history instead of alive and eager to reveal Yourself to us. Quiet our hearts and open our souls to listen to You. Convict us of our priorities and our busy-ness and bring us to our knees at Your throne. Amen.


Until next time,


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